Sell your receivables to a company that cares

Pendrick is a market leader in medical debt purchasing with a long and respectable reputation for treating both clients and consumers fairly and courteously.

About Pendrick


We Are Big

Pendrick has purchased more than 75 million accounts with a face value in excess of $25 billion from numerous physician groups, hospitals and ambulance companies.


We Are Experienced

Founded in 2010, Pendrick has unique experience derived from thousands of purchase transactions.


We Are A Team

Our management team has worked together for many years and collectively has more than 100 years of experience in healthcare receivables management. Our VP of Client Relations, with more than 20 years of experience working with medical account sellers, makes sure we provide smooth and efficient handling of your consumers and accounts, thus streamlining your post sale support efforts.

What Else?


Pendrick maintains an environment of compliance and compassion. While we understand that consumers need to pay their debts, we regularly audit our agencies to ensure all collection activity is done in a way that is compliant with all state and federal regulations, as well as guidance from the CFPB and court decisions. By focusing on compliance we minimize any detrimental impact on your positive image, as well as unwanted calls to your facilities and physicians. All Pendrick agencies are subject to a rigorous selection process prior to ever receiving placements from us. Once on board, every agency must follow our Standard Operating Procedures, which have been created to balance performance with compliance and compassion.


Recognizing your desire to maintain good customer relationships, Pendrick has taken the lead in establishing policies and procedures to ensure consumers are treated with respect and professional courtesy. We have a robust dispute response process, allowing consumers to have the information they need to validate their account. We offer fair and reasonable repayment plans based on individual consumer needs.


We place our accounts through our extensive network of top-rated medical collection agencies. Using external agencies gives us the time to focus on you and your portfolio, while providing a comprehensive and compliant environment. Using our network we can manage any portfolio of any size by placing it with the right-sized agency or agencies with the appropriate knowledge and technology base. We offer a 100% competitive environment where agency performance is rewarded. Regular evaluations and strategic shifts in placement strategies ensure consistent, long term results.

Why Sell Your Receivables to Pendrick?

Three reasons

Immediate Cash Flow

By selling your receivables you generate immediate cash flow that can be re-invested in other assets that improve your organization’s effectiveness.

Lower Your Risk

If you collect your receivables internally or use external contingency fee agencies, you face an uncertain cash flow, depending upon the performance of the collection team, the economy, regulatory changes and other external factors. Internal collection efforts raise additional compliance risks if the work is not done well. Selling your receivables eliminates these risks.

Keep Your Staff Productive

Collecting on receivables yourself is time-consuming. Managing and monitoring external agencies for performance and compliance is also time-consuming. Selling your receivables permits your staff and your organization to focus on their primary mission and not become distracted by collections challenges.

Examples of our work

Kind words from our clients

Physician icon

National Physicians Group


We have been working with Pendrick for more than five years and they have proven a true partner. Pendrick has allowed us to focus on our core patient services by purchasing millions of accounts that we no longer need to service. They have taken the time to truly understand our systems and processes, ensuring proper customer care and minimal post-sale support.

Physician icon

National Physicians Group


Pendrick’s policies of treating patients with respect and courtesy is evident to us by the lack of consumer communications we receive on accounts that they manage. They have been a valuable success as the final step in our revenue cycle.

Hospital icon

Regional Hospital Group


Our relationship with Pendrick has not only increased our revenue but it has helped keep us in good standing within our community. Their policy of not litigating against our patients is very important to us and our public image.

Ambulance icon

Large Medical Response Provider


Pendrick offers us the opportunity to invest in our patient care infrastructure by providing revenue while reducing the costs of servicing past due receivables. Their client service team makes the account transition and continuing maintenance very smooth.

Hospital icon

Large Patient Provider

West Coast

One of the largest obstacles in resolving older accounts is patient confusion regarding what bills are due for what services and why. Pendrick helps patients navigate through this by having knowledgeable agents that can explain the intricacies of insurance coverage policies and the difference between hospital bills vs. other provider bills such as a physician or anesthesiologist.

Contact us

Main telephone number: 866-335-3361

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